Wi-Fi Calling:

Wi-Fi Calling: How to set it up on iPhone or iPad

Make free calls thanks to Wi-Fi Calling.

A feature hidden in Settings → Phone, would allow you to call any number from home country for free, providing that you’ve enabled Wi-Fi Calling on your device, and connected to a Wi-Fi Network. This feature works on three carriers in the United States – Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

Here is how to make phone calls without a cellular connection:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi Calling on your device. Go to the Settings App and Tap ‘Phone‘ → WiFi Calling. If you have an Apple Watch, the feature will automatically enable on the smartwatch.
  2. You may have to register your Emergency ‘E911‘ address at the carrier. This is your default address in which you are most of the time. It’s used as a backup in case of emergency if your device can’t ping cellular towers and Wi-Fi networks to determine exact location.
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network. You should see a ‘Wi-Fi’ sign next to the carrier name at the top of the screen.

Unfortunately, you can’t force use Wi-Fi calling on iOS. Unlike Android which allows you to set a default network to make calls, iOS only uses Wi-Fi networks when the cellular connection is weak or missing. Future updates for iOS may be adding new options in the coming years.

Have you tried Wi-Fi calls on your iPhone?

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