Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.

Which is more durable – iPhone X or Galaxy S9?

Breakability tests show how durable are the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.

Years ago, the popular smartphones were far less complicated in terms of design and features than the devices we currently have. They had policarbonate or aluminum backs, displays with big bezels protecting the screen better, and removable back covers, making them relatively not easy to break. Today, the flagship devices have complex designs with curved displays, glass backs and relatively thin and light bodies. That’s why it’s very important to know how breakable the device is. Fortunately, some YouTube channels have specialized in performing such tests. In the latest one, SquareTrade compares the Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ against the iPhone X.

SquareTrade assigns a breakability score to every tested smartphone, where the greater the number is, the more breakable the phone is. According to the test you can see on the video below, the Galaxy S9 earns an overall score of 71, while the larger S9+ earns 76 points:

At the same time, a test from November with the iPhone X shows a breakibility score of 90, which means that Apple’s top-end phone is more breakable overall than Samsung’s S9 line:

There is also a side-by-side test of the S9+ and iPhone X. You can see that the iPhone X screen is easier to crack than those of the S9+. But while the Samsung performs slightly better in drop tests, both the Galaxy S9 line and the iPhone X can be easily shattered as they are both made of glass.

Samsung and Apple may have claimed to offer increased durability for their smartphones, but the reality is that you should be very careful with your $1000 fancy gadget. The modern smartphones can be shattered too easily, so you’d better buy an insurance program like AppleCare+ to protect your finances.

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