spudger tool

What is a Spudger? The tool you never knew existed!

How these little tools can help you repair electronic devices at home.

A spudger is a tool largely used in both the professional electronic repair industry, and by hobbyists who prefer to fix their cell phones and other devices at home. As the gadgets we use become more complicated in terms of design, the repair process requires sophisticated tools allowing removing and reinstalling components without risk of damaging the device.

Is the spudger tool mandatory for a home or professional repair? Of course, you can get away with not using such a tool, but it makes significantly easier to get the job done. Moreover, as working with electronic devices can often be dangerous, you should always use spudger tools to disconnect power sources, batteries and other potentially hazardous components.

Depending on the task, it’s designed for, the spudger can have a different form, and it could be made of materials like metal, nylon, plastic, wood, and other. For example, one of the most common repairs in the smartphone industry is replacing the battery. The pry opening tool tool makes easier to remove the back case, walk out the battery connector, and install the new battery. Other common uses of the spudger tool are repairing a PC, laptop, LCD monitors, TVs. Gaming consoles, smartwatches and other popular devices.


Depending on the construction material, the spudger can be made of metal, nylon or plastic. A metal spudger could be single or double sided, in different forms, but most commonly, with a thin end that bends slightly when you apply pressure. The nylon spudger helps in attaching and detaching parts. It’s usually double ended, and it may have a notch to hold a wire. The plastic tool usually has a shorter life as the material wears down quickly, but it’s essential for opening devices with a complex design like the new iPhone X with an all-glass body and a stainless steel frame.

Based on the type of the service repair, but regardless of the construction material, the spudger tool can be for ‘Heavy Duty’ tasks; Pry Bar spudgers (usually for prying); Toothpick spudgers (used for pushing and probing); and Wirehook spudgers (to hold a wide). These tools could help you not only in repairing small electronic devices, but also in the home – for example to easily remove the excess of silicone.

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