Video reveals the design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Dummy unit of the upcoming model 

We reported weeks ago about the possible design changes of the new iPhone 2021 line. While it’s almost certain that there won’t be dramatic differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, Apple is indeed tweaking some things. Now, a new video by Unbox Therapy compares the old and the new Pro Max model, so we can better see what’s new.  

Although it’s a dummy unit and not a real iPhone, it is created based on sources from the supply chain, so we can consider it to be very close to reality.  

Among the changes we can see in the video below is the smaller notch and the repositioning of the speaker to the top. On the rear, there is a larger camera module, possibly to accommodate the upgraded ultra-wide camera.  

iPhone 13 Pro line is expected to be thicker and heavier, because of the above mentioned and other upgrades. It will offer a new screen based on LTPO tech that adapts the refresh rate to the user’s needs, allowing the phone to go up to the maximum of 120Hz in some cases. The camera upgrades and the new screen will arrive only to the Pro and Pro Max models, while the regular iPhone 13 won’t have such improvements to achieve a slightly more affordable price.  

The company is expected to announce the new models in September.  

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