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Viber introduces disappearing messages, rich notifications and more

Viber updated with new features for iOS.

A new update has been released to the messaging app Viber. The new version of Viber for iOS now supports rich notifications on iOS 10, allowing users to see the content of the messages on the notification screen.

But the most interesting feature is called ‘Secret Messages’. All Viber users could specify how long a message (including a photo or video) will be visible after being viewed. The user could select 1, 3, 7 or 10 seconds, after which the message will disappear from the device.

Viber on iOS now also supports sending photos and videos in their original size. Previously, Viber was reducing the size and the quality of the attached files. Additionally, the new update brings instant video messages to the app. To send an instant video, up to 30 seconds in length, just tap and hold the video icon.