How to use a Magnifying Glass to zoom into objects with iOS 10

Activate the Magnifying glass in iOS 10.

IOS 10 comes with many new features and improvements for supported iPhones and iPads. Among the new features in iOS 10 is the ability to mega-zoom into objects using the camera.

You don’t actually use the main camera app here, but a feature hidden in the Accessibility settings. By enabling the Magnifier you will be able to zoom in more than the stock camera does, and play with many editing options before saving the shot.

You can adjust contrast, brightness, or even add a filter to what you are looking on the screen. Once you like the view, you need to press the shutter to snap a photo. Unlike using the camera app, the magnifier in iOS 10 save the shots only in the app, and they are not visible in the photo gallery.


Here is how you can enable the Magnifying glass in iOS 10:

  1. Open Settings

  2. Go to General → Accessibility

  3. Turn on Magnifier

  4. To bring up the magnifying glass triple-click on the home button (in any screen different than the lock screen)

Info: A menu will pop up if you already use triple-click for another shortcut in iOS 10.

Once you bring the Magnifier up, you can zoom the object, apply filters, adjust colors and other photo settings, and than tap the camera shutter button to save the screenshot.