iphone 2019 triple-camera

The top-end iPhone for 2019 may have a triple-lens camera

Successor to the iPhone XS Max could introduce the three-lens camera module.

While companies like Huawei and Samsung have already released phones with three cameras on the back, Apple’s most expensive iPhone relies on a double-lens camera for photos and videos. But according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the next generation of the highest-end iPhone, the successor to the iPhone XS Max, may have a triple-lens module. Above you can see a render of how the phone’s back may look like, courtesy by OnLeaks.

If the information proves accurate, a third additional lens in the iPhone would lead to several areas of improvements in the imaging department. Features like better optical zoom, 3D capabilities, superior low-light performance, and others, could come this year for all iPhone fans.

Increased zoom, up to 3x optical zoom or even more, would lead to better quality of the images when the user wants to get closer to the object. Current iPhone models have only 2x optical zoom.

An extra sensor would also draw more light for improved night shots. Apple currently relies on Smart HDR and Depth Control for improved performance in portraits and tricky lighting conditions. But Google introduced a feature called ‘Night Sight’ that takes the low-light photography into an even higher level. Thanks to the machine learning techniques, Google Pixel produces impressive photos without even using the flash.

Whatever decision Apple uses, iPhone 2019 would definitely be an interesting device. Stay tuned on iphonemode.com for the latest news from Cupertino.

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