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Tips to improve the battery life in iOS 11 and iPhone X

How to fix the battery problems on iOS 11.3 and newer

iOS 11.3, the latest update of the operating system that runs on iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and newer, has caused some problems with the battery life, including a sudden battery drain experienced by iPhone X owners. Here is how you can try to fix the issues and improve the battery life of your iPhone:

  1. Restart the iPhone.

You can try the easiest solution first – a simple reboot. Depending on the device you have, there is a different key combination you should use to reset. iPhone X and iPhone 8 resets after the following procedure: click and release Volume+, click and release Volume-, Press and hold Side button.

iPhone 7 can be reset after these steps: – press/hold On/Off and while continue to hold, press Volume-. Hold until the screen goes black.

  1. Switch Low Power Mode on

This setting would extend the battery life by disabling some iOS features. You go to Settings → Battery → Low Power Mode. iPhone X and 8 devices would reduce the CPU speeds in this mode.

  1. Turn down display brightness

Reducing the brightness would dramatically extend the battery life.

  1. Find what drains the battery most.

Your iPhone has a built-in battery tool that analyzes information from the usage and calculates which apps and features uses your battery most. You navigate to Settings and then tap on Battery. Tap on ‘Show Detailed Usage’ to see a breakdown of the power usage. You can see which app uses more power than normal, and force shut down, or even uninstall that app.

  1. Other tips:

    – Buy a battery case

    – Start fresh, restore your iPhone

    – visit Apple Store for a check

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