iPhone 8 colors 3

Three new iPhones in 2017, each one in three colors?

Apple will release three new models in September.

Another day, another news about the upcoming iPhones. The notable investor famous with his predictions about Apple for many years, Ming Chi Kuo, has released yet another note with details about the iPhones.

The two models, successors to the current 7 and 7 Plus, are widely believed to be called iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, while the name of the third new iPhone remains a mystery. It won’t be surprising if’s called iPhone 8, but iPhone X as a name (X for 10th Anniversary) could also be on the table. But let’s stop talking about names, the most important thing here are the features.

Kuo already said that iPhone 8 could be available in limited color variations, but now he also believes that all three new models will be sharing the exact same three colors – black, gold and silver.

We’ve seen many photos of dummy iPhone 7S, 7S plus and 8 models, revealing everything about their design and size. Fast charging will be supported on all three iPhones, according to Ming Kuo, who believes that a Type C power adapter will be required.

It’s commonly believed that the OLED version (iPhone 8) will be initially released in limited quantities as the OLED production needs to pick up some pace. That means it may be too hard to buy the ‘special’ iPhone by the end of 2017. However, bear in mind that iPhone 8 will be even more expensive than the current models, maybe even surpassing the $1000 mark.