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Text link can freeze your iPhone, but iOS 11.2.5 fixes this bug

Apple releases a new iOS beta that fixes the Messages crash bug.

A new bug was found in iOS 11 yesterday, connected with the Messages app. It’s a simple link that goes to a webpage, but you don’t have to click on it at all. Once you receive the link, your messaging app will crash and the device will freeze or reboot. There is a solution to return the phone to a normal state – just close the Messages app and delete the entire conversation, however, it will leave you bad taste in the mouth.

Apple has already fixed the exploit in the latest iOS 11.2.5 beta released to developers and public testers. The 6th beta can be installed from the Developer Center or as an OTA update. There are no visible changes in this release, but Apple has probably fixed some other issues and bugs in 11.2.5 in addition to the above-mentioned bug.

iOS 11.2.5 introduces the ability to use Siri to play new podcasts – feature developed to work with the upcoming Apple speaker or with CarPlay.

Apple is probably rolling out the official update to iOS 11.2.5 in January, unless there are some major stopping bugs found in the build. Until the update, you can make someone’s iPhone unusable by sending the malicious link:

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