limit ad tracking ios 10 settings

Targeting ads to iOS users becomes more difficult

20 percent of the iOS users in the US have limited Ad Tracking

You’ve probably noticed that many of the free apps in the App Store serve ads to support themselves. These ads are far more effective and earn more if they are targeted at the users and their app/browsing habits. Apple’s iOS allows developers to access each individual ID for advertising purposes and better ad targeting. Despite the fact that the ad targeting is turned on by default in all iOS versions, since 2012 the users could opt out of receiving ads based on their interests to a certain degree. But with the new iOS, you could completely hide your ID to avoid targeted ads.

Apple has recently changed the Ad ID privacy settings, allowing users to completely stop the Ad tracking. The feature can be found in Settings → Privacy → Advertising.

So far, around 20% of the iOS users in the United States have turned off the ad tracking, but their number is growing, thus potentially influencing the ad revenue of the app developers. Furthermore, the ad tracking limit becomes popular in the developed countries which generates the lion’s share of the ad revenue. LAT is also popular in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Canada – in these countries between 14.4 and 22% of the users have turned on the LAT feature.

Have your turned off the Ad tracking?

Source: Adjust