Picture-in-picture finally coming to YouTube on iOS

Update for YouTube enables  PiP functionality  Users on iOS have been struggling to watch YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode for ages, trying different workarounds to enable the functionality on their devices. The good news is that Google is finally ready to update YouTube on iOS with PiP support.  The feature is currently live for some premium YouTube subscribers in the United States, but picture-in-picture mode should gradually reach all users in the coming days. Google has confirmed in a statement that the wider release is happening very soon, contrary[…]

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YouTube’s alternative client ProTube removed from the App Store

Google asked Apple to pull the app. App Store had a great unofficial client for YouTube, named ProTube, but unfortunately the app is no longer available for download. Google’s asked Apple to remove this app from the store a year ago, citing violation of YouTube’s terms of service, with similar requests directed against other third-party clients. Google has insisted that the developers should stop offering some of the features of the official client, like auto-only, background playback, and more. Google has threatened legal actions against[…]

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YouTube introduces live video streaming to iOS app

Google lets users with over 10,000 subscribers to go live. YouTube has launched a new feature for iPhone and iPad, allowing you to stream live video via the iOS app. The service is initially available only to those users with 10,000 or more subscribers, but once the live streaming goes out of beta, it will be available for everyone on iOS. Similar video streaming options have already been introduced to apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To go live using YouTube app on iOS, you[…]

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