Snapchat expands location-sharing with MyPlaces

Snapchat for iOS updated with new features  The company has added a new functionality to its iOS app in a form of a new location-sharing feature called MyPlaces. An update has been rolled out to the Snapchat users on iOS, allowing them to explore and save favorite locations within the application. In the MyPlaces tray, users will see three tabs: popular, favorite and visited. Just swipe to the Snap Map and tap on ‘Places’.   Visited tab collects information about the locations you’ve visited, while Favourites allows you to manually mark a[…]

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Snapchat introduces live AR lenses for iPhone X.

Snapchat now takes advantage of iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensors

Snapchat introduces live AR lenses for iPhone X. After demonstrating how the new AR lenses would work on the iPhone X last year, Snapchat has now updated its app to take advantage of the TrueDepth camera sensors. Launching the Snapchat app on the iPhone X would allow you to apply different AR masks which track and adapt to the movements of the face more accurately than ever. By using the advanced mapping technology of the TrueDepth module, Snapchat hopes to attract more users who have[…]

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Snapchat logo

Snapchat update adds new features, but the app is less attractive than ever

Ghost Mode and other new features try to boost Snapchat’s popularity. There was a time where Snapchat was the only app offering disappearing instant messages, and that’s why it became so popular among the users, especially among the young ones. But over the years companies like Instagram ripped off the best feature of Instagram and offered it with their already very popular apps. Yes, Snapchat is less relevant than before, but the company still has its fanbase. In fact, Snapchat has a new update for[…]

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Snapchat Sky Filters

Snapchat’s new AR filters paint the sky in different colors

Snapchat update brings new Sky Filters. The company has released an update in the App Store, introducing new Augmented Reality filters. With ‘Sky Filters’ Snapchat shows its increased interest on AR, after announcing new Lenses and motion tracking stickers earlier in 2017. To use the Sky Filters, you have to take a photo that includes parts of the sky and then swipe left. According to the company, the new feature automatically recognizes if the photo includes sky, and then allows you to choose a filter[…]

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