Touch Bar MacBook Pro 2016

Major security flaw affects Intel, AMD and ARM chips

OS updates fix the exploit, but impact performance. Intel and other chips manufactured in the past 10 years have a serious design flaw that exposes the operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux) to attacks. The issue was first discovered in November, but the general public learns about it this week, as the update patches have already been compiled and started rolling to the computers. Full details about the problem are yet to be disclosed, but we know that it’s connected to the kernel memory and[…]

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Serious Wi-Fi vulnerability puts billion of devices at risk, but Apple already patched it

KRACK Wi-Fi is a serious security issue. The major vulnerability found recently by KU Leuven in Belgium has been called KRACK Wi-Fi. It affects the WPA2 protocol that encrypts the internet traffic when the device is connected to Wi-Fi networks, possibly putting the device at risk of being hacked. KRACK exploits the weaknesses in the Wi-Fi protocol, so an attacker could steal sensitive information like passwords, credit cards, emails, and more. A hacker could also inject ransomware into website and manipulate data. This vulnerability can[…]

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Activation lock iphone

Activation Lock issue can make your new iPhone useless

Users complaining about iPhones linked to unknown accounts A security issue with the Apple ID email address could make your iPhone Activation Locked. Customers who have just bought new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices reported on public forums (via MacRumors) that their phones have been locked after an activation attempt because they have already been linked to an unknown ID. The issue is widespread among new iPhone 7 owners, but many with iPhone 6S have also reported similar issues. It seems that there[…]

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iOS 10

Cracking an iTunes backup password is much easier in iOS 10 but a fix is coming

Apple working to improve the security of the iTunes backups in iOS 10 The security weakness discovered in iOS 10 by Elcomsoft is connected with the new password verification method Apple has included in the new version of its operating system. It seems that the system skips some security checks and the result is that the iTunes backup is 2500 times more at risk of brute force attacks compared with iOS 9. Elcomsoft has explored iOS 10’s new security check and the conclusion is that[…]

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