iPhone Camera module

iPhone 2019 to have three back camera lenses and 5x zoom

Apple may be working on a three-lens camera for iPhone 2019. This year, we don’t expect any major changes coming to the iPhone line, if not counting the possible ‘Plus’ version of the iPhone X. But for 2019, Apple may be preparing something interesting for mobile photo enthusiasts to compete with Huawei and their triple-lens camera on the P20 Pro. For many buyers, the camera capabilities is the most important area to consider when choosing a new flagship phone. Samsung, Google and Apple have been[…]

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iPhone SE

More rumors about iPhone SE 2018

Second-generation iPhone SE in the works. We reported several times back in 2017 about Apple working on a hardware refresh of the iPhone SE – the 4-inch model announced in mid-2016. It appears that Apple is planning to announce the second generation two years after the original SE model. According to a new publication by Economic Daily News, the 2018 iPhone SE could be announced in the second half of 2018, offering refreshed specs and a similar design. The new reports claim that iPhone SE[…]

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Shazam app

Apple may buy music discovery service Shazam

Shazam could boost Apple’s music streaming service. The music recognition service Shazam is integrated into Siri from iOS 8, identifying a song, TV show, film or ad in a few seconds. Shazam’s relationships with Apple are strong, also thanks to integration with Apple Music, allowing subscribers to play a song discovered by Shazam directly in Apple Music. Shazam is also a popular app with over 1 billion downloads across the different platforms. TechCrunch is reporting from their sources that Apple is acquiring Shazam, and the[…]

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iphone 7 in the store

Report: Apple planning a low-cost iPhone with LCD and metal back

The device to be released in 2018 with a 6.1-inch display. We’ve previously reported about three new iPhones expected in 2018 – two with OLED screens and a design similar to the iPhoneX, and one with LCD and cheaper price. Nikkei now additionally informs about the so-called low-cost iPhone in 2018. According to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, this ‘cheap’ iPhone will have a 6.1-inch or 6.2-inch LCD panel, while both OLED versions will measure in at 5.8 and 6.2 inches. This budget iPhone with[…]

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iPad 2018

Cheaper 9.7-inch iPad reportedly planned for 2018

The new tablet could be priced at $259. Apple’s current low end tablet is the 9.7-inch iPad announced in March for $329, but the company may be planning something even more aggressive for 2018. According to DigiTimes, the company from California will be releasing a cheaper version of the 9.7-inch iPad – costing around $259. There is no timeframe of the launch, but the sub-$300 iPad could happen in the second half of the year, said unnamed sources. Apple will apparently attempt to attract all[…]

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iPhone 8 plus white

Faster LTE speeds for the 2018 iPhone lineup

New antenna design will boost the transmission speeds in 2018. Another week, another set of iPhone news about the near future coming from Ming-Chi Kuo. In the latest research note, Kuo said to investors that Apple’s iPhone models for 2018 would offer faster LTE speeds thanks to upgraded antenna modules. iPhone 2018 will include new liquid crystal polymer (LCP) modules for LTE manufactured by both Intel and Qualcomm. Kuo writes that the iPhones will be equipped with the same modules found in the iPhoneX, but[…]

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iPhone SE2 SE 2

iPhone SE (2018 Edition) with an all-screen design

New renders reveal how the next iPhone SE may look like. We reported in August several iPhone rumors, like the one that Apple might be planning a second-generation of the 4-inch iPhone SE. The small iPhone may be called the iPhone SE 2018 Edition, and it’s likely to remain a 4-inch device with upgraded specs. But what if Apple decides to create a brand new design for the iPhone SE? If it has a similar design to the iPhone X, the phone may be close to[…]

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faceID iPhone X

Face ID accuracy may have been reduced for iPhone X [Updated]

Apple reportedly lowered the requirements for Face ID components. [Update]: Apple denies the news about Face ID. Read the article below: Apple denies rumors about making Face ID less accurate [Original article]: We have posted several articles this month covering Apple’s production difficulties with iPhone X ahead of the device launch on November 3. It appears that Apple doesn’t have enough quantities of key components for Face ID – the 3D authentication system that scans your face. According to a report that has just gone[…]

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APple Pencil iPad Pro

Apple Pencil could be coming to iPhone in 2019

Stylus support for iPhone in 2019? Apple has just released its lineup for 2017, but we already see reports covering the company’s hardware plans for the near future. After the news about a foldable iPhone, and new OLED models in 2018, we can now hear from sources in Korea that Apple is exploring the possibility of bringing its digital pen to the iPhone by 2019. Apple Pencil, a digital stylus introduced for iPad Pro in 2015, could be coming to iPhone, as Apple engineers reportedly[…]

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foldable display LG iPhone

Foldable iPhone may arrive in 2019

Apple working with LG on foldable OLED panels. The first foldable mobile devices may be coming to the market soon, as companies like Samsung, ZTE, Microsoft and others are reportedly exploring the new tech, and their first devices may debut in 2018. According to a report by The Investors, Apple is also working on a future foldable iPhone, along with LG who will supply the OLED panels for the 2019 model. In previous news we learn that Apple might launch a device with a flexible[…]

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