iPhone X

Here is how you switch between apps on the iPhone X

iPhone X offers a unique way to switch apps.

A new video, recently published on Imgur, shows one of the new features introduced with the iPhone X. The device goes for pre-orders this week starting at $999, possibly attracting buyers with its unique all-glass design, new processor and Face ID, as well as the improved main camera and OLED display.

The video is rather short, but it shows how you could switch apps with gestures on the iPhone X. Swiping left or right on the screen would quickly switch between apps, and the whole process looks very smooth.

On all other iPhones, including the new iPhone 8/8 Plus, you bring up the app switcher by pressing the Home button. But as the iPhone X doesn’t have such a button, Apple has come up with another solution – gestures. It’s arguably more intuitive to use gestures, not only to swipe left or right, but also to swipe up and hold to bring up the card-based app switcher you already know.

Meanwhile, you can visit apple.com to learn more about the device. The company recently revamped its main page to focus on the iPhone X by explaining in details what’s new in this device. Apple will start shipping pre-orders for iPhone X on November 3.

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