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Spotify to sell tickets for live concerts

HiFi subscription is coming soon 

Spotify is working on many new features for its streaming service, in attempts to further boost its lead ahead of rivaling apps such as Apple Music and Deezer. According to information from several sources, Spotify is about to enter the music event business. The Swedish company is exploring ways to host virtual live events, in a move that could greatly improve both the relationships with musicians and the revenues. The company already tried virtual concerts this year, selling tickets for $15.  

Spotify is also working on HiFi subscription feature, according to a post on Reddit. A user successfully opened briefly the HiFi menu on his device. Spotify officially confirmed HiFi streaming earlier this year. It could come as an add-on, or as a free option for all premium subscribers, given the fact that Apple does not charge extra for its 24-bit lossless audio. Currently, the Hi-Fi icon is only a glitch in the app, but Spotify seems ready to enable it for everyone.  

The company is constantly improving its app for iOS and Android, so a new update is likely coming very soon. 

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