Soundgine Review 2018

Soundgine is a no hype, no nonsense, and a no compromise beat selling platform. In short, it’s the best decision in any producers game plan to sell beats online. It’s not an easy feat and there is plenty of competition with its legions of followers.

What’s special about Soundgine is it’s sense of design, purpose and achieve selling beats effectively a priority. Not only is Hydra (beat store) a thing of beauty, but has a toolset that promotes sales including its popular subscription mode where beatmakers can make recurring sales along with one-off beat sales.

It’s mobile player looks gorgeous on all iOS products including the iPhone X. If you are using a computer, Hydra scales beautifully on Safari as the player is responsive. Our studio is mainly comprised of Apple products and Soundgine runs smooth on all of them including Windows 10.

The standout of Soundgine’s platform is its conversion ratio. What’s the point of a gorgeous platform is it’s not a money making machine, right? In our search of the best system, we ran several competing beat stores (Airbit, Beatstars, Shopify, Bandcamp) and funneled 3k a day of targeted traffic and ran the reports at the end of the month. We also ran a customer questionnaire script and asked for feedback just to get extra data.

Winner: Soundgine

The end result was Soundgine with more sales but what we wanted to know was why, hence the survey. We found that Soundgine has better in-player features that helped sales and a overall checkout system. The other players performed respectively, but never performed better than Soundgine’s stats in terms of bounce rate, items left in cart, saved favorites, sales, and inquiries.

We do wish they had a free version but they have an affordable basic plan for those that just want the player, but once you dig in you’ll want the PRO version as it unlocks features that helps you sell more beats. We also wish they were more community based but this didn’t impact sales at all.

In the end, it comes down to what you want in terms of tools and no doubt you can succeed with any platform but when you want to jump into a proven model, Soundgine is a sure bet.


Jacob McCullin

Venture Software & Audio

iOS World

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