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Snapchat update adds new features, but the app is less attractive than ever

Ghost Mode and other new features try to boost Snapchat’s popularity.

There was a time where Snapchat was the only app offering disappearing instant messages, and that’s why it became so popular among the users, especially among the young ones. But over the years companies like Instagram ripped off the best feature of Instagram and offered it with their already very popular apps. Yes, Snapchat is less relevant than before, but the company still has its fanbase. In fact, Snapchat has a new update for iOS that brings new features to the app.

Snapchat for iOS now allows you to share links from other apps – you can finally see Snapchat in the sharing menu. Another new feature is the Ghost Mode for location. You can select either 3 or 24 hours, or just turn on Ghost Mode until you manually disable it.

In other news, we learn that Snapchat has problems in the hardware sector. The company released ‘Spectacles’ last year, and while they were quite popular at the beginning, now Snapchat has more than 150,000 unsold units, and obviously, weak interest in the market. However, Snapchat has not fired anyone from its hardware division, with around 150 people probably still working on something.

All in all, Snapchat will have some hard times in the foreseeable future, as they are not offering an exclusive feature anymore.

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