Siri IOS 8 commands

Siri voice commands – a complete list

Make your life easier with Siri and iOS

Siri, the iOS’s personal assistant, can help you a lot in many areas. Siri can get you home, play music, set reminders, check calendar, and much more. We’ve collected all important voice commands and questions in one place so you could use this comprehensive guide to ask Siri do things for you. Before the real commands, let’s see how to set up Siri.

You need to manually enable Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Navigate to Settings → General → Siri and turn the assistant on. Make sure you’ve connected to a WiFi or a cellular network because Siri lives in the cloud.

You can use one of the following ways to talk to Siri:

  1. hold down the Home button

  2. say Hey Siri

  3. talk in your car or with your headset

Siri voice commands and questionsiphone 6 siri

Calls and texts

  • Call John

  • FaceTime [someone.. Dad]

  • Tell [someone] I will be late tonight

  • Send a message to…

  • Send email to [someone] about [topic] and write [something]

  • Reply ‘I will be late’

  • read my text messages

  • read my new emails

  • check my email

Schedules & Reminders

  • Set a reminder in 15 minutes

  • Set the timer for 20 minutes

  • Set an alarm for 10.30 AM

  • Turn of all alarms

  • Remind me to buy bread next time I visit the supermarket (you can specify which one)

  • Schedule a meeting with [someone] next Sunday at 2.30 p.m.

  • Remind me to call dad at 4 pm

  • When is my next meeting?

  • Cancel my meeting at 10.30 a.m. Tomorrow

  • What do I have for tomorrow?

Check weather

  • What’s the weather like today?

  • Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?

  • When is sundown in Chicago?


  • What’s the Samsung stock price today?

  • What time is it in Stockholm?

  • What time is it?

  • Find a restaurant near me

  • Search the web for [something]

  • What’s the definition of ..

  • How do I say hello in Spanish

Conversion & Maths

  • How many miles are in a kilometer

  • Convert 100 US dollars to EURO

  • What is 145 divided by 2.5?

Phone operations

  • Open [app]

  • Take a photo

  • Turn on/off [cellular data, WiFi, DND, Bluetooth..]

  • Increase brightness


  • Take me home

  • Where am I?

  • Where is [name or place]?

  • How far is to go to [place]?

  • Directions to [place]

  • Show me directions from [place 1] to [place 2]

  • How to get to the airport?

  • Where is the nearest bus stop?

  • How do I get to [place] by [car, bus, walking, plane,etc.]

Music commands

  • Play, stop, pause, skip, next, previous song

  • Play [artist]

  • Play [song, album]

  • Shuffle my music

  • Play [song] after this

  • What’s the song?

  • Buy this tune


  • How did Manchester United do last night?

  • Did Chelsea win the last game?

  • What football games are on TV tonight?


  • Flip a coin

  • roll a dice

  • tell a joke

  • knock knock