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Samsung to copy Apple’s Face ID in the Galaxy S10

Samsung’s own Face ID may debut in 2019 with the Galaxy S10.

3D camera modules for the upcoming Samsung flagship in 2019 are reportedly under active development, according to information posted at The Bell in Korea. It appears that Samsung is partnering with an Israeli startup to create something similar to Face ID in the iPhone X for authentication. 3D facial scanning in the Galaxy S10 would significantly improve the security of the upcoming Samsung models, as the current flagship device still relies on the imperfect iris-based 2D scanning.

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Face ID in the iPhone X, on the other hand, generates an 3D image after projecting 30,000 laser dots to the face in front of the device It’s far more secure than Samsung’s approach, but the Korean giant is about to copy Face ID in the coming year. The Galaxy S10 may be unveiled in March 2019 with improved hardware and similar design to the current model. While Samsung is working on a similar to Face ID system for 2019, the Koreans are not likely to offer a display cutout similar to the iPhone X. Apple itself may reduce or completely eliminate this controversial design in the next year or two.

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