iPhone 8 concept 2017

Report: all three iPhones in 2017 to have wireless charging

iPhone X, 7 and 7 Plus to offer wireless charging?

Another day, another report about the upcoming 2017 iPhones. This time coming from a popular analysts Chi Kue of KGI, the report claims that the 10th anniversary iPhone is designed from the ground to offer many new features including Wireless charging. According to the source, Apple has added a thin graphite layer to eliminate overheating as a result of the charging.

Due to the totally different design for iPhone X that includes an all-glass body, and poor heat transfer capabilities of the glass, Apple decided to add an additional layer to combat overheating. The top-end iPhone for 2017 will also include a new 3D touch sensor behind the glass.

Additionally, Apple is also planning two improved versions of the iPhone 7 with similar designs and size, plus some additional improvements. These two models will be priced the same as the current line, as opposed to the iPhone 7 which may cost even more than $1000 for the 256 GB version.

Apple may also include wireless charging in iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, and the technology may finally become a standard for Apple’s smartphone lineup.