Record-breaking revenue for Apple, profit up 210%

iPhone sales increased 65% 

AAPL has just reported its earnings for fiscal Q2 2021, and the numbers are quite impressive – beating quite widely the consensus estimates. Apple reported a revenue of 89.6 billion dollars for the quarter, in comparison with $58 billion a year ago. The profit was $23.6 billion, compared with $11.25 billion last year, which means a profit increase of 210 percent.  

The company explains that many product categories such as Mac and Services hit new heights, while the gross margin grew 42 percent.  

Apple did not share predictions on how much the earnings were expected to grow for this quarter. However, investors and financial analysts believed that the growth would be between 32% and 37%, while the revenue would be somewhere between $77 and 80% billion.  

The company declared a cash dividend for the quarter of $0.22 per share, which is still just 0.65% a year based the current share price, and despite the 7 percent increase. Here are some detailed earnings:  

  • iPhone +65% (YoY) to $47.9b 
  • iPad +79% to $9.1b 
  • Mac +79% to $9.1b 
  • Wearables & Accessories +24% to $7.8b 
  • Services +26% to $16.9b 

The company has launched several new products in 2021, like the new iPad Pro and Macs with M1 processors, and we expect quite strong Mac and MacBook sales throughout the whole year. Are you planning to buy a new product soon?  

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