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Reasons Why iPhones are Better than Android

Let us start by complimenting the new technology that has made us compare some of the best inventions in the market. With all the mobile devices in the tech market, people seem to find it very hard to choose the best mobile phones that are user-friendly. The likes of Samsung S9 and other Android operating system mobiles are very good to use, they even have an app for casino games online . On the other hand, the Apple iPhone is the one we recommended over Android. This is because of so many reasons we are about to state to you below.

iPhone Carries a Better Hardware and Software Integration

The first 3D touch display was first introduced with the iPhone 6S. The display is very sophisticated such that it allows you to take quick actions from the home screen by long pressing on the application icon. As if that is not enough the iPhone X also enables the user to scan, the face before the phone unlock. This is also applicable even if you grow a beard or wear cosmetics on your face.

Even if you are playing online betting games for real money the phone will not just stop the operation because the app is huge. Online casino players have had some wonderful moments playing online casino games using an iPhone.

Easy to Use

The iPhone remains the easiest mobile phone to use. This is because the look of the phone did not change. It carries the same look it had ten years ago. In addition, that alone makes the users be familiar with the phone’s setup. The buttons and the applications are in the same order they were and that makes it offer users the best user experience.

Very, Very Fast

If you are considering buying the latest iPhone, iPhone 8 or iPhone, X then be ready for the best processor speed. When you are editing things that have a huge file, the Apple flagship is very huge and your phone will not let you down in any way.

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