iPhone X

Pre-approval ‘Upgrade to iPhone X’ program now live

Apple Store app now allows you to get pre-approved for iPhone X.

Pre-orders for the iPhone X goes live on October 27, but if you are eligible for the iPhone Upgrade Program you can download the Apple Store app and get pre-approved for an iPhone X ahead of pre-orders and official launch. Keep in mind that Apple has launched the pre-approval program for a limited time only, and this option may disappear once the pre-orders starts later this week.

You can qualify for the iPhone Upgrade Program if you have paid at least 12 monthly payments for an existing model. Then you should return the device to Apple by either visiting a local store or sending it via mail. If you are pre-approved, you can complete the purchase of the new iPhone X as soon as the pre-orders go live on Friday, October 27.

Pre-approval 'Upgrade to iPhone X'

iPhone X with 256GB costs $56.16 monthly with the Upgrade program, with AppleCare+ included in the monthly payments. The 64GB version is $56.16.

However, even you complete the purchase as soon as possible, you may need to wait for the physical delivery. If the demand for iPhone X is as strong as the specialists expect, the stock may sell out very quickly as Apple still has some issues with Foxconn and the production yield rate is not at a satisfactory level.

iPhone X’s pre-orders begin on October 27, while the first lucky customers should receive their units a week later.

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