The next iPhone to include facial recognition working when the device is flat on a table

New evidence of Apple ditching TouchID in favor of facial recognition.

Apple is working on an advanced facial recognition system for its 10th anniversary iPhone in 2017. The device, that may be called iPhone 8 or iPhone X, will include special accessibility options allowing the user to unlock the device when it’s lying on the table. The current facial / iris recognition systems all require you to hold the device in front of your face/eyes in order to unlock it.

New evidence found in the HomePod firmware confirm that Apple is indeed replacing TouchID with facial recognition for iPhone 8.

The new type of authentication would be far more sophisticated than the current implementations of facial recognition, as it would resolve the biggest issue of the technology – the usability.

When we first heard the news about removing Touch ID, we all thought that it was not such a good idea, because we would not be able to unlock our iPhones when they were flat on the table. But according to multiple sources, Apple’s solution would eliminate the need to bring the device directly in front of the face.

It appears that iOS will collect and analyze far more data, allowing you to unlock the phone positioned at a very small angle to the face. Furthermore, the system could be used by any third-party developer, potentially allowing you to unlock features from the app (or log-in).

Apple’s sophisticated and quicker recognition would be only one of the many new features planned for iPhone 8. The company may also bring the ability to record 4k video at 64 fps, better quality photos, and a lot more.

Source: iHelpBR