New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar now shipping to customers

Some users who pre-ordered the new laptops will receive them next week.

MacBoook 13 and 15-inch variants with the new Touch Bar will be delivered to the first customers on Monday, 14 November, according to shipment notifications. These early pre-orders, registered on the day following the Announcement last month, have already been shipped to the customers who can now track the deliveries to their door.

It seems Apple is sending the MacBook Pros in waves, as some of the users who preordered the new models can expect deliveries around the end of November, while other – in early December. Currently, we don’t know if the Touch Bar MacBooks are selling better than the previous generation. Apple reveals that the 2016 MacBook is the best selling MacBook online, but since the supplies are limited we can’t really see the full picture.

Apple’s 2016 MacBook has been criticized by some users for its higher price, controversial Touch Bar that replaces the hardware function keys, lack of ports and microSD slot.