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Learn 10 iPhone Navigation Apps

There are numerous navigation apps for iPhone and these tips aim to find the best for you.

1) Garmin USA: There were a number of shortcomings in the first iPhone app that Garmin did, although the App Store no longer has that offering. The current Garmin USA sees improvement in quite a few different areas, however. Things it now includes are features like speed limit alerts, lane assist features, 3D landmarks, voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, and offline maps. You can make your own custom routes involving more than one stop. Also, you can utilize Garmin Speak with your Alexa to request turn-by-turn directions through voice.

2) Sygic: This is a GPS app that provides your phone free map updates and voice-guided navigation. Get lane guidance, live traffic, speed limit warnings, route sharing, parking suggestions, junction views, and many other useful features. Its maps come from TomTom, among other providers. It can even project directions onto the windshield of your car.

3) Waze: This is an iPhone social navigation app. It gives you real-time road and traffic alerts generated by the community. It will actually learn from you, changing your route as road conditions change. Available features include cheap gas finder, live maps, and Facebook integration.

4) Google Maps: This app always knows just how to get you where you’re going. The app includes turn-by-turn voice-guided directions. You can use Google Local Search to find businesses around you, and look at panoramic 360-degree views of places around the world. If you’re tired of Apple Maps, then Google Maps might be something you want to check out.

5) MotionX GPS Drive: This category doesn’t have many apps consistently rated among the best, but this one is. It’s earned its stellar reputation. You can have traffic-based predictive routing as well as up-to-date maps. There’s also support for multi-stop routing. You get a lot of bang for your buck here. According to these apps will help you find your way and limit the chance of crashes.

6) Scout GPS: Scout gives you personalized navigation through your smartphone. Enjoy turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation with recent trips tracking, traffic data, and a cheap gas finder. You can even share your ETA with your colleagues and friends using this app.

7) CoPilot: This navigation app works on the latest iPads and all iPhones. You can get offline maps that have free updates. A live traffic service gets included for the first year. It integrates with Google Local Search, Yelp, and Wikipedia to offer you optimum local information. There are many powerful premium additions you can include with it as well, if you choose to do so.

8) MapQuest: Does this title honestly need any introduction? This free navigation solution gives you directions by speaking them out to you while you’re on the road. Auto-Reroute and Find Me features are great to have. You’ll get road information updated every 5 minutes. It’s always a sound choice for iPhone users, especially considering the fact that it’s free.

9) Skobbler: This is a hybrid application that works both online and offline, but it does have on-demand maps available. OpenStreetMap is what powers it, and the pricing of it makes it very affordable to use.

10) Easy GPS: This GPS app is for both navigation and use in the outdoors. You can measure your acceleration, height, and position, and then use Waypoints, Open Street Map, Google Maps, and other premium possible add-ons.

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