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Latest iOS update fixes autofocus problems with iPhone X and iPhone 8

iOS 11.2.1 also includes some other improvements.

Yesterday, Apple released the first public update of iOS 11.2, bringing fixes to HomeKit remote sharing, and some under the hood tweaks and improvements to the operating system. Apparently, the update has significantly improved the performance of the autofocus on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Focus problems were noticed by users after the iOS 11.2 release a week ago, connected with the inability to focus on a subject while taking a photo. It has been reported that the camera was struggling to focus, constantly switching between both lenses while trying to focus, or not focusing at all. Fortunately, this was a software issue, and iOS 11.2.1 doesn’t have it.

The update is available to download from the Settings → General → Software update. It brings your phone to iOS 11.2.1. After installing this update, you shouldn’t have any problems with the camera on your phone. Please, let us know if you notice something unusual with your iPhone X or 8.

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