iPhone 7 design

Jet Black iPhone 7 is a market hit, but very hard to find

The jet black casing is difficult to manufacture

Just expanding the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus markets to 28, Apple is facing serious stock shortages of the jet black color variants. This color appears to be the most popular among the consumers, despite the fact that the jet black iPhone 7 is prone to scratches.

Because of the complexity of the manufacturing process of that particular casing color, including a nine-step anodization and polishing process to create that glossy finish, up to 40% of the units do not meet the quality standards.

Overall, iPhone 7 is enjoying a strong demand in the first week after release, partially driven by the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries.

That’s why the Jet black iPhones are nearly impossible to find in many countries. For example, an iPhone 7 Plus in jet black won’t ship to you in the next 30 days if you place an order today.

However, despite the high popularity of certain colors and models, Apple is facing a lower relative demand for iPhone 7 compared with the predecessor iPhone 6s.

The company announced the new iPhones with minor hardware and software improvements, while the more substantial changes are expected in 2017.