Significant camera improvements tipped for iPhone 2022

Apple may offer a 48MP camera with iPhone 14 

A major hardware redesign of the camera may come with the iPhones next year, according to a research note by MC Kuo. According to the notable Apple insider, the company is planning a significant boost of the camera capabilities of the smartphones in 2022. They may have a massive 48 MP camera configuration around a capable 1/1.3 CMOS sensor.  

The report claims that iPhone 2022 will offer two outputs at the same time – 48-megapixel and 12-mepagixel. It would allow the user to manually switch between full and oversampled image output, or save both image versions locally.  

Kuo explains that the 12-megapixel image will offer better quality, because it will have an actual pixel size of 2.5um. The 48MP native photo will have 1.5um pixels. As a comparison, the current iPhone 12 line sports a 1.7um pixel size, while this year’s model will offer 2um. These improvements next year will allow Apple to offer some new features like 8k video, and improve the overall quality of the photos and videos as the larger sensor will capture more light for post-processing.  

In addition to these tips, Kuo strongly believes that Cupertino is ditching the iPhone mini model next year, concentrating solely on the Pro series, which is responsible for more than 95% of the US sales. While the 2021 iPhone won’t offer dramatic improvements in terms of design and visual aesthetics, it will introduce a new display working at up to 120Hz.  

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