Google Pixel XL vs iPhone XS Max AnTUTU

iPhone XS Max beats Google Pixel 3 XL in tests

AnTuTu gives 363,687 points to the iPhone XS Max.

It’s not always the most accurate way of comparing the performance of two devices, especially when talking about two different operating systems, but here are the benchmark tests of the iPhone XS Max and the Google Pixel XL. According to AppleInsider’s lab test, the Apple’s device is much better in terms of bare numbers.

iPhone XS Max achieves a total score of 363,687 in the AnTuTu benchmark, compared with just 284,546 for the Google Pixel XL. This is a huge difference on paper, although this is not always visible in the real life. We can also see that the Geekbench gives 22278 points to Apple and only 13845 points to Google. Actually, the only test in which the Pixel XL is better is the memory test, despite the fact that both phones are using 4 GB of RAM.

HTML 5 test also shows the advantage of the XS Max – 46531 vs 34674. Octate 2.0 tests show an even bigger difference – 43220 vs 16396.

Pixel 3 XL looks similar to the XS Max in size, but the iPhone has almost no bezels at the front, resulting in a greater screen-to-body ratio. However, the Google Pixel XL has a larger battery, Gorilla Glass 5, and Android-specific features like Always-on display.

Which smartphone would you choose and why?

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