iPhone XS / XS Max users complaining of slower Wi-Fi and LTE speeds

A growing number of iPhone users are reporting that their brand new iPhone XS and XS Max devices have slower cellular and Wi-Fi speeds compared with previous generations. Forum threads in the official Apple website have emerged in the past few days, in which some users have described issues with poor connections on both cellular and Wi-Fi. According to the reports, the issues are not specific to the carrier provider, nor to the state in which the person is, which means there is a software or hardware problem specific to the iPhone XS / Max.

One users writes:

I just got the iPhone Xs and noticed the wifi was slow. I checked this versus my iPhone 8 and it’s constantly half the speed using various apps like WiFi Sweet Spots or iPerf. It’s also noticeable loading content from my local network too. What’s going on?

A decision offered to resolve the issue on Wi-Fi is to go to Settings app. Find your Wi-Fi network, tap on the [i] button → Configure DNS → Manual. Tap ‘Add server’ and type which are the Google DNSs.

However, for now it seems that iPhone X reaches faster LTE and Wi-FI speeds compared with the iPhone XS /Xs Max, despite the new antenna line in the 2018 models, recently discovered by iFixit.

Have you noticed problems with slow data speeds on your iPhone XS (Max)?

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