$1249 iPhone XS Max (256GB) includes components for $443

Apple pays $50 more for components compared with the iPhone X

People nowadays are complaining how expensive the smartphone are, comparing their prices with the component costs. The most dramatic example of the difference between price for consumers and costs of components is the iPhone. While, the parts’ expenses are not the only components forming the final price, with costs for development, labour, logistic, marketing and others playing a major role too, it’s interesting to see how much exactly Apple pays for the hardware components.

According to TechInsight, the 256 GB version of the iPhone XS Max costs $443 to make. The screen is the most expensive part, estimated at $80.50, followed by the new A12 chip for $72. Other major components include the storage ($64), the cameras for $44 and the housing for $55.

The report reveals that Apple pays more for the hardware of the XS Max, compared with the 2017 iPhone X. Of course, this makes sense as the XS Max is newer, faster, larger and heavier. However, Apple has managed to cut down the costs by removing some of the 3D Touch components without affecting the performance. Here are the cost estimates for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone X:


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