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iPhone X Edition to have a hardware button for Siri

Sleep/wake button may be able to invoke Siri.

With Apple redesigning the upcoming iPhone Edition and removing the physical home button, the 10th anniversary flagship iPhone would lose its ability to invoke Siri using a hardware key. But a recent tweet from G.Rambo indicates that Apple will include a gesture to invoke Siri by holding the sleep/wake button.

Activating Siri by holding the lock button would give the iPhone X users the ability to have a replacement for the hardware-based option after the removal of the Home button and replacing it with a software-based solution. In current iPhones, the user is able to invoke Siri by holding the Home button, in addition to using the voice command “Hey Siri”.

So, it appears that iOS 11 will offer two ways for activating the assistant – using Hey Siri, and using the lock button. Additionally, a Brazilian blog suggests that the sleep/wake button on iPhone X may be customizable, with different functions based on the app in use.

Apple will unveil the iPhone Edition (iPhone X) during a press-conference on September 12. Along with the flagship OLED iPhone that will start at $999, we will also see hardware refreshes of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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