iPhone X destroys the Galaxy S9 in performance tests

Benchmark tests show that iPhone X is faster than Samsung Galaxy S9.

Fans and media love to compare the flagship devices, putting them in different tests and camera shootouts. Yesterday, we reported on how Samsung may have created the best smartphone camera, but when it comes to the CPU/GPU power, the situation may be different. The benchmarks are usually the best indicator of what to expect from a new device, and how it compares against the competition. Let’s see the results for the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 (and Plus).

According to tests by Anand Tech, iPhone X and its A11 chip is better in every test than the Samsung’s processors. As you probably know, Samsung uses both Exynos and Snapdragon chips in the flagship devices, but each one is slower than Apple’s A11.

The GeekBench 4 Single core test show that Apple A11 gets an integer score of 4,630, and a floating point score of 3,958. On the other hand, Exynos 9810 gets 3,734 and 3,440, respectively. Snapdragon 845 is even slower, with marginally higher scores than the 835 model.

Apple’s A11 in the iPhone X is also wining in the other tests. The WebXPRT2015 test measures the HTML5 and Java tasks. GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 Off-screen is a test for graphic performance. Again, A11 outperforms the competition, but the difference here is not that big.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 line offers similar to the S8 line, but some under the hood improvements and new features, like the ability to create animated Emoji. Samsung also offers an iris scanner coupled with a fingerprint reader on the back for authentication.


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