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iPhone 8 sales are better than predicted

Foxconn’s revenue increases 42% month-to-month.

Apple is not yet sharing details about the sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but the iPhone manufacturer Foxconn is reporting a 42.4% increase in the revenue in September. The year-to-year revenue is actually 3.7% lower, but Apple has only released two of the three new models as the iPhone X will go on sale in November, and its production has just started.

It appears that the iPhone 8 production is just a bit lower than last year’s iPhone 7, and Apple could expect a significant increase in the overall sales once the iPhone X joins the product mix. The news about strong iPhone 8 sales has also been supported by the analytics firm KGI.

Apple and Foxconn can expect an even higher revenue in November / December, when the iPhone X will become a hot topic.

Meanwhile, the production rate of iPhone X is still not at the desired level, with only 400,000 units coming out of the factory for a week. Foxconn is expected to increase the production yield rate in the coming weeks.

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