iPhone 7 concept

iPhone 2018 may use 7-nanometer chips

Apple may use smaller, more efficient chips for the 2018 iPhone.

Apple has released the iPhone 7 series two months ago, but we already know many details about the upcoming Anniversary iPhone in 2017. But the rumors stretch even further into the future, to the 2018 iPhone. According to information posted by MyDrivers, Apple may implement 7-nanometer chips into the 2018 models. Such a chip is expected to enter manufacturing in Q1 2018, produced by Apple’s chip supplier TSMC.

A 7nm chip would require smaller space, but keeping power-efficiency at a high level. Apple currently uses 16nm components for the iPhone 7 series – processor A10. The upcoming iPhone 7 will reportedly use the A11 processor which will be based on 10-nanometer manufacturing. So, compared with the 16nm chips of the current lineup, Apple is expected to implement more than twice smaller components for the A12 chips in 2018.