iPhone 12 adoption rate is better than iPhone 11’s

iPhone 12 has more active users than iPhone 11 a year ago 

A report covering the iPhone usage for Q1 2021 by Counterpoint Research claims that the user base of iPhone 12 grows faster than iPhone 11 for the same period in 2020. We previously noted that iPhone 12 is the best-selling phone around the globe, but since Apple hasn’t shared the exact sales numbers, it’s hard to judge what the actual share is.  

According to Counterpoint, the initial sales of iPhone 12 series were better than iPhone 11. In Q1 2020, iPhone 11 series had a 15% adoption, while iPhone 12 series was 1 percent up in Q1 2021, despite the fact that there was another model on the market – iPhone SE 2020.  

It’s also observed that the customer’s preferences are shifting, as they prefer larger screens and become more craving for new features. While iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max accounted for 44% of the installed base, their successors got 54%, compared to iPhone 12 and 12 mini with 46%. While iPhone 11 line didn’t bring significant new features and improvements over the previous generation, iPhone 12 series introduced some notable new features in areas such as the camera department.  

Here are the top 5 iPhone models by installed base for Q1 2021:  

  1. iPhone 11 
  1. iPhone XR 
  1. iPhone 8 
  1. iPhone 7 
  1. iPhone 12 

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