iPad with OLED display coming next year

Apple set to replace TFT with OLED technology 

While Apple already included a mini-LED display in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the company still relies on TFT screen technology for all other members of the iPad family. Now we understand that Apple is set to make an irreversible switch from TFT to OLED in 2022. A number of reports popped up online, based on sources within the supply chain, and claiming that Cupertino is introducing an OLED iPad in early 2022. The new model with OLED will be the 10.9-inch iPad, while other mini-LED models should follow later, according to the reports.  

Apple currently uses OLED screens for iPhone and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The OLED technology offers a number of benefits over the older TFT, like facilitating thinner and lighter designs, purer blacks, higher contrast, better energy efficiency, and more. After the switch from TFT to OLED for the iPad line, Apple will use the same display technology across all its line-up of tablets and phones.  

Like usual with these unconfirmed reports, keep the above information with a grain of salt. Apple could well postpone the switch to OLED iPads until 2023 at the earliest, or there could be both OLED and TFT new models on the market.  

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