ipad mini

iPad Mini finally put in the grave?

Apple to ditch the 7.9-inch iPad from its lineup.

Announced in late 2012, the first generation of iPad Mini attracted many uses with its small size and screen compared with the other products on the tablet market, including the original iPad with a 9.7-inch display. Back then, the 4-inch phones were something standard, so a portable device with a screen size of 7.9 inches was considered to be rather big.

But we are not living in 2012 anymore and the consumer preferences have shifted towards much bigger mobile devices. Today, a phone with good specs have a screen bigger than 5 inches. Even Apple released a 5.7-inch iPhone, something which nobody would have predicted a few years ago. That’s why it’s not surprising to see the iPad sales falling, especially of the smaller iPad.

If you are waiting for a 5-generation of iPad Mini in 2017, you may be disappointed. According to new rumors, Apple has finally removed the 7.9-inch tablet from its lineup. The company will announce new products at the WWDC conference in June, but among them won’t be a Mini tablet.

Instead, we are likely to see the hardware refresh of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a cheaper 9.7-inch iPad. In addition, Apple may be planning to announce new MacBoo Pros, and even a MacBook Air on June 5. Stay tuned for all hardware-related news from Apple.