iOS 12 update

iOS 12 advances to a fifth Beta version

Apple keeps polishing the OS before the roll-out in September.

Developers and public beta testers can now download the new beta version of iOS 12 as an OTA update or from the Developer center. iOS12 Beta V brings further improvements and fixes over the release from last month.

With iOS 12, Apple internally revamps the operating system to make it even faster on older iPhones and iPads. According to the company, improvements should be noticed even on iPhone 5S, which is indeed a 5 year’s old device. There are many small new features here and there in the OS, like smarter Siri assistant, new Animoji, new Shortcuts app, and more. But there is something far more exciting in iOS 12 – Apple is building a time management tool, so you could see how much time you spend with each app and feature. ARKit version 2.0 promises more interesting AR apps, like the Measure feature, allowing you to measure objects using your camera.

iOS 12 screen time

iOS 12 should see a few more Beta releases before the public roll out in the Autumn. Stay tuned for latest Apple and iPhone news.

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