iOS 11

iOS 11 finally overtakes iOS 10 in market share

iOS 11 has been installed on 49% of the devices in use.

A month after the public iOS 11 update released to supported iPhones and iPads in September, Apple’s latest operating system is installed on 49% of the active devices. According to data collected by MixPanel, iOS 11 now has a 49% market share, overtaking iOS 10 with 44.9%. Earlier this week, both OS versions were on par, but at the end of the week Apple’s iOS 11 finally overtook the previous major version, while 6 percent of the users are still running iOS 9 or earlier.

MixPanel iOS11 share

iOS 11 has been adopted at a slower rate compared to iOS 10. A month after the iOS11 update last year, the operating system was way ahead of iOS9 in terms of popularity. However, the iOS11 adoption is increasing day by day, and soon it will reach over 80 percent of the devices.

Meanwhile, Apple keeps improving the OS by rolling out minor update patches to regular users and beta testers. The last official patch came earlier this week with version number 11.0.3. New public betas have also been released to iOS 11.1.

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