ios10 screen

iOS 10 adoption reached 67%

iOS 9 down to 28%

A month after Apple rolled out the iOS 10 as an over-the-air update to eligible tablets and iPhones around the world, the company can boast that 67% of all active devices have upgraded to the latest version of the OS.

The new numbers coming from MixPanel reveal that iOS 10 is already on 67.31% of the devices, while iOS 9 is second with 28.38%. The share of devices running older operating systems has decreased from 5.23% to 4.31% for a week, which means some of the users may have bought a new iPhone or iPad.

iOS 10 adoption October 2016

Meanwhile, Apple has also recently released official figures for the iOS 10 adoption rate, revealing that iOS 10 has been on 54% of the devices measured through the AppStore on October 7. The numbers from MixPanel reflects the market as of October 11.

However, both channels have reported an expected decline of the iOS 10 growth nearly a month after Apple released iOS 10 as a free upgrade. The new version of the software includes a number of important small tweaks and improvements, including changes to the core apps, Siri integration with third-party apps, new stickers, app extensions and more. Here is a summary of all important changes in iOS 10.

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