ios10 screen

iOS 10.1 available for everyone, brings improvements and new features

iPhone 7 Plus users can now capture portrait photos with a bokeh effect

After a month in a Beta stage, Apple has officially released iOS 10.1 to the general public, bringing a number of enhancements and many bug fixes to eligible devices. In addition to all visible and under the hood improvements, Apple introduces a Portrait mode for photos that is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus users.

iOS 10.1 is the first major update to iOS 10, available for everyone with iPhone 5 or newer as a free over-the-air update.

The Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus is a special feature designed to use both cameras of the phone in order to create close-up photos with blurred background. This is an exclusive feature, not available for other iPhones, as they don’t have the necessary hardware to create shallow depth of field, a.k.a bokeh.

Other improvements in iOS 10.1 include the improved camera app performance, fixes for Photos when trying to turn on iCloud Photo Library, People names saving in the iCloud backups, and more.

Apple has also improved the Maps app to support public bus systems in some Japanese cities (Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya), and the iMessages app with new replay bubbles, effects and a number of fixes.