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Intel’s Cannon Lake chip reportedly delayed, MacBook Pro under threat?

10nm chip may have been delayed to the end of 2018.

Apple relies on Intel and the upcoming Cannon Lake chip built on the 10nm CPU architecture to upgrade its MacBook Pro models in 2018, but a reliable source confirms that Intel won’t be ready with the processor by the end of 2018.

The original target-launch for Cannon Lake was mid-2017, but the date has been rescheduled three times already – first to early 2018, then to mid-2018, and now to the end of 2018.

If the report is accurate and Intel won’t release the chip as everyone expected, Apple may be forced to use the less-powerful Coffee Lake chip for the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. This, however, would again limit the maximum amount of memory for MacBook Pro to 16GB LPDDR 3, instead of 32 GB LPDDR 4 if the processor was Coffee Lake.

Another possibility for Apple is to just skip the 2018 refresh, and move to the Ice Lake chip sometime in 2019.

Source: Patently Apple

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