Improvements in Safari for iOS 10 detailed by Apple

Apple plans to improve the browsing experience in iOS 10

Apple is preparing a big update for its Safari browser with the official launch of iOS 10 later this year. The company is already teasing some of the improvements, through public and developer’s beta of the platform, but now we get some more information about Safari for iOS10.

According to software engineers working on the browser, Safari will get improved animated gif viewing and the way videos are played. Writing for the Webkit blog, Jer Noble explains that the user experience while viewing GIFs will be simplified in iOS 10. Prior iOS 10, users had to tap on the gif and wait until the image is loaded and then displayed in full screen.

In Safari for iOS 10, videos and gifs without audio won’t enter the full-screen mode and won’t be played automatically. By pausing videos with no audio elements, Apple wants to make the ads a bit less irritating for users but also save battery. Videos with autoplay elements will enter full screen only if they are fully on screen, while Safari will pause them automatically if they are not.

These and more changes will be included in the final version of the iOS browser once Apple release iOS 10 to the general public.