Important tips to improve the battery life on iPhone 12

While Apple is constantly trying to improve the performance of the new iPhone models, the battery life remains a problem for many users. For example, the current 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro should offer up to 17h of multimedia playback from its relatively small 2815 mAh battery. The bigger model, the iPhone Pro Max has a 3687 mAh battery inside, which promises up to 20h. However, these numbers are only theoretical, and we all know that the real life is different. Here are some useful tips on how to improve the battery performance on your iPhone 12 line.  

Limit the usage of 5G

5G networks are offering much faster internet speeds, but they are not always a necessity. For example, music streaming works good on 3G or 4G. You can even download your favorite playlists to stream them locally when needed. To change the cellular network on your iPhone, you need to:  

  • Tap ‘Settings’ -> Cellular 
  • Select ‘Cellular Data Options’ 
  • Pick ‘Voice & Data‘ 
  • Change from 5G to 4G.  

After doing this, you can check the internet speed at the It’s also a good idea to use Wi-Fi when possible, for example at home or work.  

Identify and delete battery consuming apps 

The latest iOS version lets you easily identify and limit the apps that drain your battery. You can identify those services by following the steps below:  

  • Go to Settings -> Battery 
  • Switch between 24 hours and 10 Days view to see which apps are consuming most battery for the selected period 
  • There are two screens – battery usage by app, and activity by app. The first gives information about the percentage usage, while the second gives you the screen time for the selected period.  
  • You can delete the apps that drain your battery, or limit their activity.  

Set auto-lock 

Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto Lock. You may set the auto-lock time at 30 seconds to let your iPhone automatically turn off the screen and lock.  

Reduce brightness  

The huge screens of the modern smartphones are battery hungry, consuming most of the energy. Try not to use brightness at the maximum level, or just select Auto-brightness from the Settings -> General. Tap on Accessibility and then on Display Accommodations.  

Stay up-to-date 

Always install the new system updates when they are official. Do not go blindly into Beta versions of iOS and apps, because they are often sources of troubles and bugs.  

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