How to work with Focus feature on iOS 15

How to create a custom Focus 

With iOS 15, Apple is introducing the Focus feature, allowing you to reduce distraction and focus on one thing. iOS 15 Focus basically will mute or filter notifications based on the pre-loaded or your own Focus setup. Keep in mind that the feature works across all your connected devices.  

Turn on Focus 

From Control Center, tap on Focus and then enable the Focus you prefer. Choose between 1 hour, Until this evening, or Until I leave this location. Just tap on the three dots. Disabling is also a piece of cake. Open the Control Center and tap on the active focus.  

Create a custom Focus 

Here is how you can create your own Focus button:  

  1. Launch Control center 
  1. Click on New Focus (+) and select Custom 
  1. Name your Focus 
  1. Add Person to receive notifications and calls from 
  1. Add an App to select those applications you want to receive notifications from while the Focus is on 
  1. Turn on/off Sensitive notifications for this Focus. 
  1. Tap Done 

Once created, you can always tweak the options from Settings -> Focus. You can set a Schedule or Automation to let the Focus turn on automatically based on time, location or app.  

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