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How to Back up your iPhone or iPad

Back up devices using iCloud or iTunes

Creating a copy of the information from your iPhone or iPad helps a lot when you upgrade to a new device or update its software. Sometimes, when the update process goes wrong, you will need those backups to restore information and settings to the device. Here is how you can back up your iPhone. You can use two methods: iCloud or iTunes.

Back up using iCloud

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iCloud stores the information on the Cloud, so you can make and use your backups from anywhere connected to a WiFi network. iCloud backups include contacts, notes, photo library, calendars, notes, Apple Pay information, Touch ID settings, data stored in other cloud services, and more. To make a backup on iCloud you need to:

  1. connect the iPhone or iPad to WiFi

  2. tap Settings -> iCloud -> Backup (for iOS 8) / Storage & Backup (for iOS 7 or earlier)

  3. turn on iCloud Backup. This setting will automatically back up your iPhone each day if you leave it on.

  4. tap Backup now

  5. Wait untill the backup process finishes and stay connect to the WiFi network. Check if the backup appears in Settings -> iCloud -> Storage -> Manage Storage

Backup using iTunes

iTunes stores backups on your computer – PC or Mac.

iTunes iPhone backup

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

  2. Navigate to Files -> Devices -> ‘Transfer purchases’ so you can save downloaded content from AppStore or iTunes on your computer.

  3. To save Health & Activity data, select ‘Encrypt iPhone backup’. Tap ‘Back up now’ to store the backup on the computer. For Windows PC click on File -> Devices -> Backup or press CTRL + B.

  4. Wait until the backup process finishes and go to iTunes Preferences -> Devices. The backup should appear in the window along with date and time. If it is encrypted you should see an icon next to the device.

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